Line 5 must move forward

To the Journal editor:

As a resident of northern Michigan, preserving the quality of the Great Lakes is important to me and to many others. That’s why I am amazed the governor and other politicians are slowing down Enbridge’s plans to construct a tunnel to house a new Line 5.

This project needs to move forward as soon as possible.

Line 5 is critical to meeting our energy needs. Most of us in northern Michigan rely on it to provide the propane we use every day. I can’t speak for everyone, though I am pretty confident no one is willing to give up the propane that heats our homes during our frigid Michigan winters.

Building a new Line 5 in a tunnel 100 feet below the lakebed with concrete walls eliminates the risk of anchor strikes. The tunnel also would reduce the likelihood of a release into the Straits to near zero.

For the sake of future generations, let’s invest in a safer, efficient Line 5 that will continue to deliver our energy while protecting the Straits that we all treasure.


Trout Lake