Letters to the editor

Having surgery was

a wake-up call

To the Journal editor:

I recently had a hip replacement on April 22. I was at Bell Hospital for two days. Because insurance does not pay for hospital care, I was released and went to Eastwood Nuring Home for therapy after only 10 days, Again insurance would not pay beyond 10 days. I was able to stay at Eastwood because I was able to private pay for six more days.

Lucky for me I’m at Mill Creek Independent Housing as it is all level and has handicap showers, etc. I’m having home health care and recovering. But I should have been at Bell Hospital longer and had therapy at Eastwood for many more days but insurance companies don’t pay like they should. If this continues, it will be a really bad situation for people in the near future. Years ago, Marquette had two hospitals and very good care. Now we have many more people and one hospital that you can’t be in very long because insurance doesn’t want to pay. Pretty sad situation.

Being older might be a plus as medical care is getting so that you are sent home to hope you recover and will be able to go on.

Time will tell but for me, it was quite a wake-up call. Thank God I hope to recover.



Way to go Miners

girls basketball!

To the Journal editor:

Congratulations to head coach Brandon Sager and assistant coach Rick Williams and the Negaunee High School Miners Varsity girls basketball team on a great season.

Great job to five seniors: MacKenzie Karki, Hannah Voskuhl, Payton Drew, Mykenna Kontio and Abby Nelson on the NHS Miners Varsity girls basketball team.

Let’s Go Miners!

The NHS Miners Varsity girls basketball team finished the season with 16 wins and four losses. Great job to Coaches Sager and Williams and the NHS Miners Varsity girls basketball team.

Good luck next year the NHS Miners Varsity girls basketball team.

From your No. 1 fan Miners Fan!




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