Letters to the editor

Tired of investigations

To the Journal editor:

Investigate, spinvestigate … don’t the endless investigations of Trump and associates get you tired?

What really irritates is the disparity of treatment between Trump and his opposition.

On the one hand, Trump and associates have been examined in detail for two years with nothing substantial regarding Russian collusion discovered. At the same time we have hard evidence that Hillary colluded with Russia to successfully sell USA uranium to Russia while collecting the fee in the Clinton Foundation. Why is she not being investigated?

We also have evidence of abuses by the FBI to gain illegal access to spying on the Trump campaign. They neglected to disclose “material facts” to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC), omitting that the information they supplied as valid, was in fact uncorroborated and paid for by the Clinton Campaign and the DNC.

This is a pattern that in 2002, caused then FBI Director Mueller to be hauled in front of the FISC Court. “Omission of material facts by agents applying for FISC warrants … a serious matter at the FISC, because it is the one court in America where the accused gets no representation or chance to defend himself. And that means the FBI is obligated to disclose evidence of both guilt and innocence about the target of a FISA warrant. (Solomon, The Hill, 2-6-19)

These and other ommisions plus outright lies in the initial application for the FISC warrant to spy on Trump Campaign, should nullify Mueller’s corrupt investigation. End it now! We the people deserve to have facts not fantasy, ethical applications of the rule of law not lies and distortions determine our judicial processes.

Our nation needs to have blatant law breakers held accountable. High ranking members of our national leadership, need to be promptly investigated, ajudicated, and penalized. To not do so, harms our culture because it invites others to become law breakers also.

About 200 years before Christ, Ecclesiastes 8:11 stated, “Because the sentence against evildoers is not promptly executed, therefore the hearts of men are filled with the desire to commit evil.” (New American Bible) Let that ancient truth sink in.

Enough chasing shadows and illusion. We have names, dates, written documents that validate criminal behavior in high places of our government, including collusion with Russia. It was Hillary and associates, not Trump. Let the fantasy end and authentic investigations begin.