Demonstration had impact

To the Journal editor:

Thank you to all of the police officers who continually volunteer to go the extra mile on their own time to keep our children safe and educate families about substance abuse. One example was “Hidden in Plain Sight” held at MARESA in Marquette.

Trooper Stacey Rasanen, Sgt. Tony Carrick, Lt. Tim Scholander and Officer Nate Dawson joined Kelly Johnson Sager, Marquette County Cares members, and others to set up a teen’s bedroom filled with substance abuse materials that have been confiscated in our area.

Would parents be able to identify over 50 items that were planted in the teen’s room that night? There were a few surprises that indicated adults have a lot to learn to keep our kids safe. Thank you also to House Appliance/ Art Van for donating the furniture and setting up for the event.




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