Celebrate the truth bringers

To the Journal editor:

I think we need to celebrate The News and newspapers that bring us the truth! We need the truth in order to be a functioning democracy. Robert Mueller’s report does support what The News and newspapers have been saying and the lies from this administration should be called what they are: lies! President Donald Trump and his backers need to acknowledge that they are the fake news. Sarah Sanders admitted to Mueller she lied to Americans. How is one to believe what she says now? Alternative facts are lies!

Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s lawyer, says, “Nothing wrong with taking information from Russians.” Is this what our country has come to? Russia flooded social media with lies about Clinton. Pizzagate should have been called out for what it was: lies. Not one of its pushers did any research, or they would have known there was NO basement. This business is still getting threats. I myself heard Trump backers say over 300,000 illegal immigrants were crossing our borders daily. This was not true, either. When one is willing to believe lies, then one is willing to give up their democracy.

Bill Barr acted as Trump’s personal attorney and not attorney general of all Americans. Barr’s four-page summary of Mueller’s investigation turns out to be inaccurate. Mueller’s report clearly intended for Congress to decide on obstruction, because of the non-law that a sitting president can’t be charged with a crime. Mueller’s report provides fresh evidence of Trump’s interference in the Russian probe.

We found out Barr gave Trump’s lawyers the report two days before Congress and, if Trump is innocent, as Trump and Barr claim, why not release all of the report to the public? We paid for it!

I want truth and hope that journalists keep going after the truth.


Presque Isle