A leftist agenda?

To the Journal editor:

I am taking issue with the Jan Amundsen letter in The Mining Journal on April 25 in which he writes of “… leftist agenda that included government-mandated health care and policies supporting unsubstantiated man-made climate change, while actively courting the world’s globalists and a corrupt Iranian regime.”

First of all in Medicare-for-all is not government run health care, it is government funded, doctors are not employed by the government, hospitals remain in private and you are free in choice of doctors and hospitals, care is not rationed, as it is with private insurance. Most of what you hear about long lines in Canada is health insurance propaganda, enough money will be saved to cover all and adding to the coverage of those under-covered, drugs will be cheaper, with the added buying power. There will be no more bills, not more deductibles or co-pays, eliminating premiums and most will pay a like amount or smaller in taxes. It will cost less. Keep that in mind.

Policies supporting climate change are NOT unsubstantiated. To believe that is to believe the “Merchants of Doubt,” title of a book by Naomi Oreskes and Erik M. Conway, which is “The … story of how a cadre of influential science policymakers has clouded public understanding of scientific facts to advance a political and economic agenda.” As is written in the book “The Madhouse Effect,” “the costs of inaction were already far greater than the cost of taking action” and “we are already paying the price.” This has occurred with fires, floods, drought disaster in California, the floods and damages in the southeast past and now, the rising oceans, effecting food and life world-wide, including land-based food production. Severe storms will worsen and come more often, including heat waves, relentless droughts, rising seas and the weather of the future. It is for all to see and for all to experience.

As for the Amundsen on “globalists and a corrupt Iranian regime” I would suggest looking at the corruption within our polity, the money in politics, ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council), the Koch brothers, et al.

It would be wise, as written in “The Madhouse Effect,” to “think of climate action as a very wise planetary insurance policy.”