What’s important

To the Journal editor:

Without food, there is starvation. Without air, there is suffocation. Without water, there is death.

All species in some manner will and are fighting for there lives. You and I included. Although death is inevitable while we’re alive, living is what is desired and necessary for all other living beings.

So, all manner of human effort has been made to raise food for us, allow breathing space for us and no matter what or from where there is water for us.

Food deprivation resulting from conditions that either make food unavailable,or unreachable drive relocation. The unavailability is not understood but hunger is. Air/oxygen deprivation, rapidly diminish organism (s) function. Water deprivation brings about delirium and overall system failure.

The non human species who became extinct did not know why or what to do about their threatened living conditions. Currently the non-human species may not know why their existence is threatened. They do however exert tremendous effort to survive the inhospitable conditions.

We, the human species, do have the knowledge and capacity to process what is happening as we become aware that we too are experiencing compromised health as our environment that has supported life for millions of years is, faster than ever, is shutting down life support.

We human species are smart enough evidently to make changes as evidenced by those who have and those who’ve long practiced what we all came from the way of life that quite simply provides what we need.

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than to have all of our actions done in consideration for/of the Earth.

From near the shores of Gitchee Gumee.