What is success?

To the Journal editor:

Following up on the Rosa Musket letter of Feb. 2, “Extinction considered,” I mention the new book, “The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming” by David Wallace-Wells.

It is a horror story of what we are living through now and of the future to come with little to nothing being done to halt, as Rosa writes in her letter, “An environment worldwide of toxic air, climate extremes and polluted water,” and this is putting it simply of a very complex and series of problems that could well lead to an uninhabitable Earth from climate change and global warming.

In the proposed Trump FY 2020 budget request, 57 percent is for the military, while slashing cuts for human needs. This is W.A.R. or Wasted American Resource, for a bloated militarized spending that year after year get bigger and perpetuate wars and create problems for Earth and its inhabitants.

What is more important than the human needs and other living things on Earth, than life itself, but without a planet there is no life? We cannot live and survive with so much waste for aggressive foreign policy and military spending to foster an aggressive foreign policy that exacerbates and perpetuates wars and intervention to aid in dictating to others how they shall live in a world that our nation wants to dominate for its own personal gain for so few.

Nations facing our wrath include Venezuela, Iran, Nicaragua, Cuba, North Korea, China, Russia and so many others who pose no real or physical danger to the U.S. The danger they present is to be free and exist outside U.S. dominance, control and influence.

Noam Chomsky writes: “… the primary concern of U.S. foreign policy is to guarantee the freedom to rob and to exploit.” We see this now in Venezuela, in the recent and still current problems of Nicaragua, and Iran.

Leadership, in America, is discombobulated, dysfunctional and dismal and spends most of its times fostering fear and exaggerating and creating threats to hide its personal and selfish agenda, through hate mongering and warmongering and eroding freedom and real democracy under the guise of national security and national interest.

The real danger is coming not from outside but inside, it is the failure of polity to deliver to the people.