Trump comments inappropriate

To the Journal editor:

Such obsequious spinelessness is difficult indeed to imagine and yet there it is, in bright yellow for everyone to hear and see on TV and the radio.

A veritable political rogue’s gallery of senators, congressmen and women and other officials in the Trump administration who, evidently out of fear of turning off their base and being “primaried” out of office, refuse to clearly denounce their dear leader’s outrageous indecency.

I’m referring here to Mr. Trump’s diatribe around the Late John McCain who evidently got so personally under Mr. Trump’s thin skin while alive that even in death he inspires white hot agitation in the White House.

His unholy rant at a tank factory in Lima, Ohio on the 21st of March criticizing the dead patriot on purely political/personal terms was, by any reasonable measure, unbecoming of a world leader much less a decent human being!

And yet instead,those minions of his who took their opportunity to publicly excoriate this miserable behavior and separate themselves from it parried and tippy-toed around their observations in a disgusting display of gutless self-serving, Sen. Lindsay Graham, R- North Carolina, being a perfect example.

His policy and party preferences aside, John McCain was an honorable public servant for most of his life and irrefutably deserving of gratitude and respect, especially in death.

Mr. Trump by way of his disgraceful, unashamed public pique, deserves uncontested censure by Washington officialdom. But those who lick his boots for their own benefit deserve profound condemnation!