Remembering God, Jesus during Easter

To the Journal editor:

Looks like spring is on the way. It has been a snowy winter and I’m sure most people are ready for warmer weather. But take a moment and think about all the flooding in the Midwest farm land. Also many tornados in the South. We in the U.P. of Michigan can be thankful that we have not had extreme weather events happening like in other areas of the USA.

And many of these areas have more bad weather coming.

Near the end of the month is Easter. Hopefully people will remember to be thankful for God’s gift, his son, Jesus, who came to show us the love of God. To focus more on the spiritual way than what the world has to offer.

For me it’s almost 33 years since my spiritual awakening occurred. If one reads the Bible, it says Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, not only now but beyond this life in God’s kingdom of heaven.

For me it’s gave me a better life in good times and bad. The Lord has shown me a better way.

In closing, I wrote this while looking out my bedroom window on a beautiful winter morning in God’s country, the U.P. of Michigan. As I write, the ground is covered with clean white snow and with the sun out, it makes for a very bright day. One has to take time to see the wonderful works of the Lord’s creation but even better than this is the Lord’s home in heaven. It’s only a part of the beauty to come when we who believe in Jesus as savior will be in the most beautiful place of all, God’s Kingdom of Heaven.

Happy Easter to all!