Outrage sought

To the Journal editor:

Several years ago I submitted an editorial in which I questioned whether we were becoming a nation of morons as the Obama administration was pursuing a leftist agenda that included government-mandated health care and policies supporting unsubstantiated man-made climate change while actively courting the world’s globalists and a corrupt Iranian regime.

This leftist trend was disturbing since I am a student of history motivated by my family’s experiences in Czechoslovakia under German and Soviet domination during the ’30s and ’40s.

The election of Donald Trump has until the recent mid-terms derailed the Obama agenda and the results speak for themselves despite his opponents’ efforts to destroy his presidency. Like him or not, he is our only defense against the extreme leftist resurgence we are witnessing from the freshmen House members’ agenda and rhetoric.

The Democrat Party has been hijacked by the extremists who are espousing policies that are abhorrent to most Americans. Aborting full-term babies is nothing less than murder yet I haven’t seen the outrage. Main street media doesn’t provide coverage so apparently it isn’t an issue.

Why is there no outrage from our religious leaders? It should be condemned from every pulpit regardless of denomination including the Pope. A recent bill in the Senate designed to ensure medical treatment for babies that survive an abortion was rejected by the Democrats and several Republican senators(many women).

Where is the female outrage? Why aren’t you marching on D.C. the way the leftists do? Furthermore, AOC’s brilliant Green New Deal would eliminate all fossil fuels and associated air travel, autos, tractors, flatulent cattle and substantially raise taxes resulting in a third-world status.

For you life-long Democrats, this is no longer JFK’s or your parents’ party. It’s time to think about the future and who best can preserve our traditions and values.

We should be motivated as Americans first and not be married to historical party loyalty since the system has been mitigated on both sides by greed.

We only need to observe events in Europe as an incentive to return to our traditional values.

For those of you who say “don’t worry it can’t happen here” reflect on European history and the populations’ mindset in the ’30s. They too said it couldn’t happen in Germany and Russia.

Oh, but wait … we’re not teaching real history anymore!

Where’s the outrage?


Mohawk, Michigan