NMU theater stepped up

To the Journal editor:

Kudos to the Forest Roberts Theater on their production of “Beauty and the Beast.” In particular, the caring attention in offering two Saturday afternoon programs for those attendees who may not tolerate loud sounds and strobe lights or have shorter attention spans was wonderful to see.

The lobby had two separate screened off areas with toys for the children as well as two small teepees for children or parents who needed a break from the action on stage. There were even theater staff especially to assist in those areas!

Other than a bit more traffic in the aisles to get to the well marked restrooms during the play, the theater kept us all, adults and children, glued to the production! Even exit doors were kept open so there was adequate light in the aisles for those needing to move about.

After attending various productions in the last 40 years at FRT, we appreciate the innovation that makes live theater a little more accessible to all! Thank you for the special efforts, Bill Digneit and company! We appreciated it and so did the packed house, at least on the first Saturday that we attended!