Meth remains scourge

To the Journal editor:

Michigan citizens are rightly concerned with the spread of illegal drugs like methamphetamine. It is a destructive drug that is hurting people and communities across our state. That is why it is important to know where it is coming from and what is being done to stop its spread.

So where is meth coming from? A recent poll found that more than half of Michiganders believe most meth here is Michigan made. Based on some news headlines, it sure feels that way.

But according to local law enforcement and federal authorities, the truth is that the vast majority of meth is now made in Mexico and smuggled into our country for distribution in our neighborhoods.

We’ve been successful in reducing the production of meth here in Michigan due to both the intense efforts of your local police and prosecutors to stop meth labs and because of strong laws that make it difficult for criminals here in Michigan to divert allergy and cold medications into illegal drug production.

Michigan’s tough laws, for example, now require use of the National Precursor Log Exchange system, which blocks large purchases of certain cold and allergy medicines that could be illegally diverted for making meth. Given how effective NPLEx has been in the fight against meth production in Michigan, it is no surprise that seven out of 10 Michiganders support its continued use.

And the women and men of Michigan’s law enforcement community are working in conjunction with federal authorities to track and break up smuggling rings that deliver dangerous drugs like meth.

The sources of meth may be shifting but our mission to protection Michigan citizens remains unchanged.


State president

Michigan Fraternal Order of Police



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