Loves their carrier

To the Journal editor:

We live on the ever-winter-treacherous M-28 East in Sand River and for the past 25 years or so, Karen Koski has been our carrier. Our newspaper is delivered like clockwork, bagged when appropriate, and always in the red box.

Holds for vacations, etc., are stopped and started without missing a beat and without additional reminders; requests for extra copies (when our granddaughter’s picture is in it!) are always granted the next day. This winter, Karen even set out early to deliver the newspaper during blizzards to ensure her customers were serviced before the highway was closed down.

Knowing Karen drives the most hazardous and challenging route in the area and does it so well, is quite an accomplishment. We can’t say enough positive things about her!

If The Mining Journal has an award for the top carrier of the decades, Karen is most deserving. She should receive a new vehicle!!

Our sincere thanks and Christmas tip seem insignificant considering how awesome Karen is. We really appreciate her! I am sure many on her M-28 motor route would agree.

We just want you to know what a remarkable employee you have in Karen Koski.