Line 5 badly needed

To the Journal editor:

The writer of the March 17 opinion piece is on target that Enbridge’s construction of a tunnel to house a new Line 5 is not simply a matter of jobs.

We have been a responsive part of the Michigan community for more than 60 years. As such, we readily share that the Line 5 tunnel project is far more than a matter of jobs; it is a public necessity.

Though jobs are an added benefit, construction of the tunnel will have a sustainable positive impact on Michigan. A tunnel under the lakebed would reduce the likelihood of a release into the Straits and eliminate the chance of anchor strikes. It is the next logical step to making a safe pipeline even safer.

Every day, Michiganders count on the energy that’s safely delivered by Line 5. This pipeline carries products necessary to heat homes and power industry and the State’s economy. As shared often, more than half the state’s propane to heat homes and businesses is delivered from this pipeline alone.

The tunnel will enable the propane and petroleum-created products on which Michiganders depend to flow safely and efficiently. It also will enhance environmental safeguards for our beautiful Great Lakes and the small towns along their shores.

From every aspect, the Line 5 tunnel project is about the long-term well-being of our community and the practical and economic health of area families and businesses.

We look forward to bringing to Michigan the improved energy infrastructure and enhanced environmental safeguards created through a tunnel to house a new Line 5, positioning our region for continued success.



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