City managed snow

To the Journal editor:

It seems to me Don Potvin and others were too quick to criticize the city of Marquette for not doing a good job of snow removal.

When you get three times as much snow as the regular amount it’s going to fall on the hands of the snow removal crews which worked 12 hours on day shift and a 12-hour shift on nights.

Have you ever wondered how many plows and other trucks they have to remove the snow? The city has eight plow trucks to plow 100 miles of streets that have to be plowed four times to remove all the snow.

So that’s 400 miles to clear all the snow. The city has two sidewalk plows to clear 80 miles of sidewalks. And two snow blowers to cut the banks down. All this work could not be done without 24 well-trained truck drivers and two good supervisors for day and night shifts. Knowing this, I feel we should thank the snow removal people rather than criticize them.