Challenge made

To the Journal editor:

Regarding Aquila’s recent sponsored submission: The author states: “Geologists are who we work for, and I do not understand the terms they use, or the language they speak.”

He then states he cannot even nod his head and attempt to look like he knows what they are saying? It is apparent that Aquila feels paying for articles will allow them to tell potential investors how well received they are in the community. Well, they’re not!

How is that article even relevant to Aquila’s potential mine? The author admits he doesn’t understand the terms used by the geologists and he can’t even nod his head like he understand them as they see through him? Aquila wants people to believe this article is about our area. Wrong. This article has nothing to do with our area. In fact it has been published in multiple newspapers around potential mine sites including in Canada? If they are being truthful no spokesperson can defend having an acid generating mine within 147-feet of the Menominee River

Aquila’s article pretends to be one from a well-educated person who uses a condescending argument stating we have only 2-options: “live a life without mining and manufacturing” or; “support mining and manufacturing in America.” The fact is there are many options. Aquila totally disregards the consequences caused by an acid-generating mine only 147-feet from the Menominee River! A mine where only 3 percent of what is mined is saleable. But, in order to get that 3 percent many billions of pounds of rock must be mined crushed, pulverized then processed using cyanide and other toxic chemicals.

The remaining 97 percent, (approximately 34,287,883,224 pounds) contains highly reactive and toxic waste containing millions of pounds of lead, mercury, arsenic, cobalt, tin, selenium and other toxic heavy metals. This equals 1,487,801 (Yes, millions) of pounds of toxic material per each Menominee County resident. These heavy metals will contaminate our groundwater.

Let’s set the record straight: I challenge Aquila Resources to participate in a public debate regarding the facts behind this mine. How about that Aquila? Let the truth be heard about who you are and what you want to do to our natural resources. What date works best for you?

Thank you.

Editor’s note: Mr. Boerner is an adjacent property owner to the proposed mine site.