595 was bad idea

To the Journal editor:

I see the Marquette County Road Commission is still pushing the County Road 595 lawsuit, saying they don’t have the funding now but want to continue to pursue it so that if they want to build a road in the future, they can go forward.

I would hope that if they want to build a road in the future the residents get to vote on it, not just pushed through by the road commission, a few politicians and property owners.

I think the proposed County Road 595 was a bad idea. Building a new highway thru one of the most remote and scenic parts of the U.P.; once that wild area is gone, there is no going back. The current route for transporting ore from Kennecott’s mine is working. I’m sure they are making lots of money more than we will ever know about for sure.

I’m sure the road commission is working towards goals that they feel are best for the county residents. But sometimes what you destroy is not worth the end product.

Dusty Ferguson