Thanks to city crews for snow removal

To the Journal editor:

We would like to respectively disagree with Mr. Donald Potvin’s guest column in the Monday, Feb. 25 edition of The Mining Journal. We want to give a giant “thank you” to the city of Marquette for excellent and professional snow removal. In our neighborhood, after every snow event, our road is neatly cleared and sand spread on slippery areas. There has never been a time when we could not drive our vehicles out of our neighborhood.

Dealing with snow is a part of living in Marquette. When the banks are high we all must be careful and show caution when pulling out into roadways.

It only lasts for a few weeks and the benefits of this snow outweigh the difficulties. The recreational opportunities this snow provides are unique as we can ski, snowshoe, bike and hike the beautiful areas surrounding our city.

Thank you, city of Marquette, for all of the snow removal services you provide. We sure appreciate all you do for the residents of our city.