Letters to the editor

Walk a mile in her shoes

To the Journal editor:

Mr. Grobar’s Jan. 13 letter deserves rebuttal.

There is plenty of madness, hypocrisy and contradiction to go around amongst professed Christians, particularly where the men are preaching at the women. Men do not get pregnant or have menstrual cycles. Irresponsible men can choose to walk away from the pregnancies they caused.

Other than donating sperm, women can do and be most anything men can, including “social ninjas.” Yet a woman may be held back based on conditions she was born with and by Christian male opinions about what women’s place in life should be. It should be up to each individual woman to decide whether or not marriage, child birth and rearing is desirable for her. Perhaps Christian men who resent this should try living a full lifetime as a woman. They may soon realize that some Christian women are living a life of quiet desperation married to a christian man.

Regardless of social or economic status, consensual or forced sex, women are always the ones most burdened once man’s seed is planted. Once man’s seed enters the uterus, women are inevitably stuck “holding the bag.” Women carry the fetus for nine months. Women carry uncomfortable … mammary glands for a lifetime to feed a baby for its first few months of its existence. Without women’s consent, a god, a devil, or evolution endowed women with these simultaneously wondrous, yet burdensome features.

Pro-choice folks cherish the protection of reproductive freedoms provided by Roe vs. Wade. Engaging in consensual, nonreproductive sexual intercourse is a very enjoyable and beautiful part of the human experience, just as intended by evolution or the creator. Women deserve the opportunity to enjoy sex, have a career, plan family siz, and use contraceptives to achieve her goals.

As for population decline in America, it is absurd to suggest that women should pop out more babies just to ensure all shopping malls and school buildings remain filled. I look forward to the days when there are more housing than people. Housing prices may then drop to more affordable levels.

Right about that time, orange party supporters will be welcoming immigration for those who want to become Americans and who will help fill America’s empty houses, schools and jobs. Many Christian men will be heard chanting “Tear down the great orange one’s wall!”