Evening a success

To the Journal editor:

As I conducted our 35th Annual Evening of Romance Gala held Feb. 23 for the Rotary Club of Ishpeming, I could not help but be deeply moved as I took in a moment to gather the sight of all the people who attended to support our club, despite the inclement weather.

I wasn’t moved so much due to the personal attendance of our event, but how we united together as a community, whether it be through financial support, volunteered time and talents, or attendance to the gala.

The sight of so many smiling faces of friends and acquaintances as they helped support our club’s mission of having a positive impact in our local area made me feel proud and inspired. I also get this sentimental feeling at other local area events. It’s a feeling of pride to belong to such a supportive community.

Thank you to the many sponsors, volunteers, and attendees who helped support our cause. Together, we are all role models who truly have the capacity and resources to achieve anything.

This allows each one of us, no matter what part you took, to be the inspiration to others. Being the inspiration to others can transform both lives and our community; this allows us to create positive change.

Thank you all for being that inspiration and the continual support of the Rotary Club of Ishpeming!


Rotary Club of Ishpeming