Bergman casting wrong votes

To the Journal editor:

It’s the new 116th Congress and our elected House Representative, Jack Bergman, is once again representing the people of Michigan’s District 1. So, what’s he been up to since the beginning of the year? Well, he sure seems to be on the losing end of a lot of votes.

He voted nine times against re-opening the government during the 35-day shutdown initiated by President Trump, including the Joint Resolution that Trump signed to finally end it. He also voted against the Federal Civilian Workforce Pay Act, which would have paid civilian contractors who were forced to stay home while the government was closed. In this regard, he was at least consistent, because he also voted against the Government Employee Fair Treatment Act, intended to pay government workers who also were forced to stay home. On another matter, he voted against removing U.S. support of Saudi Arabia in their war in Yemen, which many have called a humanitarian disaster due to Saudi blockage of food imports leading to disease and widespread famine. Lastly, he voted against a resolution that disapproved of Trump’s national emergency declaration, which is Trump’s desperate move to fulfill a campaign pledge to build a wall on our Southern border. All of these passed in the House.

Beginning in January, the House flipped to a Democratic majority, and a bright light began to shine on Mr. Bergman. No longer can he hide behind the previous House leadership that refused to consider votes on issues that much of the nation supported. The new leadership is bringing these to a vote, and he is forced to take a stand. Polls show that a large segment of the American public felt the government shutdown was pointless and damaging, that support of the Saudis in Yemen should cease, and that the national emergency declaration is unnecessary and unconstitutional. Mr. Bergman has shown us he believes the opposite-or at least he thinks he should portray that he believes the opposite.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether Jack Bergman is actually voting what he believes, or is simply pandering to Trumpist supporters hoping to improve his chances for a third term in office. In my opinion and in the opinion of many in the Upper Peninsula and northern Michigan, his votes are simply wrong. 2020 can’t arrive fast enough.