Believing in the Bible

To the Journal editor:

I am one of the misguided individuals who believes in “hoaxes perpetuated in the Bible.” Mr. Hill’s letter was painful for me to read, but I would like to tell him and others who believe the same what a British author and professor Paul Johnson, wrote in an article called “Why I Must Believe in God.” I will quote some of his article: “There are many reasons why I must believe in God, but the first is the most important to me: belief in God makes me a better person than I would be otherwise.” The author adds what modern theologian, Jesuit Father Karl Rahner wrote, “If the image of God faded completely from our minds, we would slowly cease to be human. This means we would retain our intellectual capacity, our ability to make ever-more-complex machines. But by cutting the umbilical cord with God, our source of ethical vitality would be gone. Morally, we would become nothing better than a species of fantastically clever monkeys. Our ultimate fate would be too horrible to contemplate.” What say you to that, Mr. Hill? The author finishes with “We must truly believe. It is part of our struggle to be human. In this struggle, God himself will help us.”