Societal slide cited

To the Journal editor:

Are the sexes equal? Not according to a significant number of women, who say men must be “feminized” to be worthy of women and their love. These misandrists (man haters) also consider men “less human.”

One reason for it is prejudice. Many favor themselves and those that are like them, but are negative to those who differ.

Much research shows that men’s emphases in protection, provision, example and instruction are vital to families and society. The greater male emphasis of initiative to women is also deeply needed.

Lack of initiative lowers general contact between the sexes. The more we aren’t in touch, the less we tend to care for each other.

The problem isn’t too much masculinity, but too little true male/female emphases complementing each other. Both flawed, limited men and women can’t be everything society needs.

As so many people continue to reject God inspired, life-changing salvation, I agree that many men’s conduct has deteriorated. Still, that applies to women, too, in conduct and influence.

Many have abused men in every general area. It’s only the specific areas that vary. (For instance, the endless feminist “issues” where only men must be blamed, supposedly).

Another problem is the “Wonderwoman” mentality. Women are being promoted as “strong/all-competent” who can be and do “anything” they wish. The reality is that women are no more Wonderwomen than men are Supermen!

There’s massive historical, archaeological, scientific, legal and other evidence to back the Bible. Anti-Biblicism is often mainly based on mistaken interpretations of facts/evidence.

Many more people had best explore and realize this. If not, society will continue to morally slide, in male/female relations and in general.