Republican Party is in a sad state

To the Journal editor:

For all of Mr. Merrill’s pearls-clutching over socialism (MJ 2/7), I’m a little bewildered about what party he supports. Despite their often smug tone, Republicans under Trump cannot credibly declare the moral high ground anywhere. Fiscal responsibility? Not after that obscenely huge tax cut to the richest of the rich with plans to pay for it by gutting programs for the elderly, the disabled and the poor. Freedom of religion? Only if you’re Evangelical Christian and looking for a legal way to discriminate against those who don’t share your world view. Right to bear arms? OK, as long as you have no problem with regular mass shootings by angry white guys in churches, schools, malls, synagogues, movie theaters, concerts and anywhere else innocents gather. Limited government? Sure, as long as you’re good with the president hiring his daughter and son-in-law as untouchable White House advisers and a whole mob of grifters, liars and cheats in his cabinet. And civility? Are you kidding? Can you name one civil thing Donald Trump has ever said or done? Me neither. Merrill is right that we have a choice to make: the personality cult of Trump and his spineless Republican enablers or something else. I choose leaders who do not lie 9.2 times daily. I choose leaders who do not pay hush money to porn stars and Playboy models to hide extra-marital affairs. I choose leaders who are not beholden to Russian oligarchs and Vladimir Putin. This is the sad state of the Republican Party. I proudly stand with Democrats.