Rep must speak out

To the Journal editor:

Life lessons in children’s stories have always fascinated me, as a child and during the 30 years I taught elementary school.

I read my students stories like, “The Emperor’s New Clothes” which among other lessons, is about honesty. These stories helped me teach moral values in a fun way.

Values we want to see demonstrated by our elected officials.

It ocurrs to me that the three generals who left President Trump’s service, McMaster, Mattis and Kelly, rose in the military ranks adhering to the basic honor code of cadets: do not cheat, do not steal, do not lie, all codes which have been consistently broken by President Trump.

The generals did well to resign, then they were no longer responsible for enabling Donald Trump. But they should have also spoken out to call him what he is.

Michigan’s District 1 Representative Jack Bergman is a retired general, a lieutenant general from the U.S. Marine Corps who was also tested on the strict code of ethics, yet he continues to back a corrupt president.

It’s unconscionable and I along with many of his constituents, doubt his credibility. Why doesn’t Representative Bergman speak out against the emperor who has no clothes?