Positive vibes for new year

To the Journal editor:

Here we are into the New Year 2019. My hope is that we as a country, state, city and family will try to work together for the good of all. Many issues before us. Many people coming from Central America to have a better life.

I believe most of us are concerned and want to help but think of so many of our own people in the United States who are not well off. Many work without pensions for low wages. The price of buying a home or even food seems to be costing more. Medical health insurance is not affordable for many. I believe that those in Washington, D.C., can at least try to work together to help those less fortunate.

Most congressmen and senators have medical coverage and pensions and many are pretty well set money wise. Seems sometimes the government state and even city give breaks to the people with money. Marquette since I remember was concerned about the local people. Now it’s build more motels, stores, high price housing etc. Bring in more tax money. I’ve recently have helped those in need. Homeless the numbers are getting bigger.

Just lose your job or your income and you’re homeless. I remember losing my job at Lake Shore in Negaunee. Two years no pay. Luckily my wife was working. Not only Negaunee but Marquette plant closed. Also Iron Mountain. At one time when I worked for Lake Shore, six mines were in operation. Only the Tilden Mine is left.

I don’t know what 2019 will bring. I just hope and believe if we care and try to help one another if can get better. Most of all we need those who represent us to do the job they are elected to do.

That’s make sure to care for all of us, not just the well-to-do (wealthy). Time will tell. I hope it will be good news. We sure need that.