Letters to the editor

Follow the money

To the Journal editor:

I find it difficult to stay silent after reading Mr. Crupi’s letter to the editor. I don’t have the credentials of a retired metrologist which Mr. Crupi has, but having an advanced degree in engineering has given me tools to logically evaluate evidence and draw conclusions.

It is interesting that the term “global cooling” from a few years ago metamorphosed to “global warming” and then most recently to “climate change.”

If climate didn’t change, the glaciers which previously covered this region would still be here and it would be impossible for us to inhabitant this area. By adopting the term “climate change” to replace “anthropogenic caused global warming” the influence of the affect of human behavior is effectively eliminated from the discussion. Still the argument is being fostered that greenhouse gas emissions generated by human activity are the primary cause of climate change. I am still waiting for the explanation of the cause of the climate which allowed the dinosaurs to thrive long before there were greenhouse emissions.

During the summers of 1961 and 1962 a team of students, supported by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL) extracted ice cores from the Greenland glacier at Camp Century, Greenland. The camp’s name was derived from the location which was approximately 100 miles inland from Thule Air Base. The glacier at that location is approximately two miles thick. They were able to extract ice cores to a depth of approximately 10,000 feet.

They were able to evaluate the cores in a manner similar to observing tree rings. Even though I was working on another CRREL project in 1962, I observed the care which they exercised in extracting and preserving the cores.

These cores are an excellent record of climate change covering many centuries. I suspect this record would be available to a qualified researcher. In conclusion, I believe in climate change, but before you accept anthropogenic caused global warming, follow the money.