Extinction considered

To the Journal editor:

A long held (dare I say carved-in-stone) belief of the scientific community and many of us is the dinosaur extinction occurred when an asteroid landed on the Yucatan Peninsula.

The impact brought about unimaginable atmospheric disasters. In short, the ecology that was, no longer existed, with the extreme environmental change. It was quite some time before living on earth became possible.

Looking further into the matter which is ‘science’ through archeology, geography, geology and carbon dating of rocks, another event ocurred which possibly was the event.

An event environment of gases, ash and lava flows from million-year volcanoes were an ongoing stress. The evidence of die out and complete extinction is in the rocks dug, found and studied by Princeton geologist Gerta Keller.

It is interesting learn about the speculated and well proven reasons for extinction.

All of them share a common thread: An environment worldwide of toxic air, climate extremes and polluted water.

Rosa Musket