County Dems oppose shutdown

To the Journal editor:

The Marquette County Democratic Party, like most, if not all, residents of Marquette County, opposes the (recent) government shutdown. As consistently shown in public opinion polls, we agree that no branch of government should shut down the federal government in order to force the other branches of the federal government to agree on a public policy. Such a strategy violates the Constitutional principle of separation of powers.

We also agree with the majority of Americans that blame for the shutdown rests with President Trump. This has gone on too long and now employees of the federal government and their families are suffering going to work without pay. Do any of us reading this article know what this would be like? I know some of you do.

I am now asking what we as people who care about our communities are going to do. How are we going to step up and help the government employees?

I know of people who are rationing their meds due to cost and this can be a life and death matter. We all need to step up and give in what ever way possible to help these people survive until this insanity is stopped.

Carolyn Hietamaki, RN, chairwoman

Marquette County Democratic Party