Science is no hoax

To the Journal editor:

Misguided individuals would have me believe in the hoaxes perpetrated in the bible. Perhaps Noah actually existed as the lucky survivor of a flood.

If so, it was sinful of him to hypothesize that all the drowned humans were unredeemable sinners. Biblical begats going back 6400 years only supports a hypothesis that this is when Jewish tribes began writing stuff down.

Since the development of oceans and atmosphere millions of years ago, there undoubtedly have been innumerable floods throughout earth’s history. It is plate tectonics and orogeny that have uplifted and pushed marine sediments and fossils up thousands of feet above sea level, not floods.

Although the occurence of extremely large prehistoric floods, such as the ones creating the Channelled Scablands of eastern Washington, have been identified and scientifically proven, not one true scientist has proven the existance of a world-wide flood.

Scientists do not have, nor may never have all the answers, but at least they keep trying to find them instead of resorting to unquestionably false bible stories.

All scientific hypotheses and theories are testable by experimentation, are open for review, questioning, retesting, reinterpretation given new relevant findings.

Scientific theories result from thorough testing of testable hypotheses. Except human errors that have not yet been discovered and corrected, scientific facts as we currently know them are true whether or not you want to believe them.

Assuming your god created all matter, this includes radioactive isotopes which decay at a predictable rate and prove the Earth is over 4.5 billion years old.

The rate of geological events and change ranges from the nearly instantaneous (big bang) to the moderate rate of evolution to the agonizingly slow radioactive decay of certain isotopes.

There is not one thing that is scientifically true nor testable about James Ussher’s contention that the Earth is about 6,400 years old.

By the way, today the crust of the earth is an open rift at the divergent tectonic plate boundaries at mid-ocean ridges. Yet, the water does not drain away from the currently flooded ocean basins.

Makes me wonder how Noah’s worldwide flood could have drained away. I’m feeling giddyish about a potential scientific hypothesis about this!

I am proud to be an evolutionary decendent of a common acestor of apes, and not a desent of Noah’s inbred, extremely limited gene pool. I am served by the omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient scientific method.