Ice rink is both magical, inspirational

There is something magical about an outdoor ice rink in the winter.

That is partially why a new rink at Bay View Park is exciting. And, while we are pleased that soon area residents will be able to skate there, that is only partially why we find this project so incredible.

The project also is magical because it was hatched from a vision that a few Alpena women had, and they pursued it until it became a reality.

The project is magical because it brings together volunteers working together with city government’s blessing, water and property, to make it a reality.

And what we especially appreciate about this magical project is that it brings together different generations in a common focus. The concept hatched from Kara Bauer LeMonds, Melissa Tolan-Halleck and Brandy Boucher working together. The three remembered the fun from skating on an outdoor rink when they were growing up.

The project grew “legs,” however, after the group received a $4,000 grant from the Youth Advisory Council of the Community Foundation for Northeast Michigan. What is neat about that is that the Youth Advisory Council is made up of 50 students and seven adult advisors from around the region. The students saw enough potential in the grant application to decide it was worthy of funding, since it would benefit the youth of the region.

Soon residents will begin enjoying the rink like the days of old at Mich-e-ke-wis.

Youth working together with adults. Private citizens working together with government employees.

Yes, this project is both magical and inspirational.

How exciting is that?

— The Alpena News