God bless flag

To the Journal editor:

I’m sure in the past couple weeks people in the Marquette area have noticed our symbol of freedom flying high at the Gander Outdoors along U.S. 41. Coming home at night with the lights shining on it with a slight breeze, will leave you awestruck.

If one has ever read the history of this battle against the British naval forces, it makes one proud to be an American. The British gave the men, women and children a ultimatum. If the Americans would just lower the flag, the British would know they were surrendering and that they would allow them to live, but under British rule.

The British reneged on their word to trade prisoners and they unleashed a horrendous deluge of naval rounds from the their fleet. All guns were aimed at the flag. That was their goal to completely destroy that flag. But it stood, leaning with numerous holes.

This is where Francis Scott Key wrote the words for our great song, “The Star Spangled Banner.”

Many institutions are removing it from history in this country because it might offend some people. Those people are mainly muslims and illegals that come to the states burning our flag while waving theirs.

My question would be, “If you want to reside in America, why would you bring a flag from another country?”

So when you drive by and see it, appreciate it and remember what our forefathers did.

We are blessed to live in America.