Letters to the editor

MARS celebrates 25 years in operation

To the Journal editor:

Marquette Alger Resolution Service (MARS) recently celebrated 25 years of providing mediation, training and youth conflict resolution programs in the community.

MARS is one of 18 Community Dispute Resolution Centers that operates under the State Court Administrate Office – Office of Dispute Resolution. MARS averages over 200 mediations each year and sessions are facilitated by professionally trained community volunteers. Mediation is a non-adversarial, affordable and time-saving choice to resolving conflict. It is a confidential process where individuals have the opportunity to brainstorm and negotiate a mutually agreeable solution.

Thank you to the 2018 MARS Volunteers and Board Members:

Volunteers: Marian Allbritten, Nancy Beukema, Cindy Brown, Priscilla Burnham, Gene Champagne, Pam Christensen, Deborah Clark, Karen Dubow, Bill Ferns, Terri Gillotte, Janann Haines, Martha Jennings, Bob Jensen, Taylor Klipp, Cecelia Korpi, Jayne Letts, Jerry Maynard, Deborah Mulcahey, Mary O’Donnell, Andrew Plocher, Michael Reed, Mike Ryan, Rick Sanville, Thomas Solka, Anne Stark, Nicole Swenson and Bill Waters.

Board Members: Heather Addision, Michael Anderegg, Vicki Ballas, Pam Christensen, Bill Ferns, Hon. Cheryl Hill, Marbeth Marin, Jerry Maynard, Erica Payne and Rick Sanville.

For more information about MARS, please visit www.marsmediation.org

Jennifer Voegtline -Frazier