Trump not nation’s CEO

To the Journal editor:

In response to Mr. Ruhinens comments in The Mining Journal on President Donald Trump on Aug. 25, I would like to make several points.

I do not see President Trump as a protector of our democracy. He constantly attacks the press and new media, which are the backbone of a democratic society. He pushes our country away from its democratic allies in favor of dictators in Russia and North Korea.

He attacks and belittles his attorney general, the Justice Department, the FBI and the federal courts instead of defending them and the rule of law as is the job of the president.

He has tried to derail and down play the Russia investigation instead of letting it run it course and prove his innocence. If Trump is such a great leader, I ask you why does he constantly lie to us and make false or incorrect statement (4,000-plus times)? Never does he correct the false statements or apologize for them.He is one of the biggest sources of “fake news” he so detests.

Why does he attack, degrade and demean his opponents and supporters alike on social media? I want myPresident to show civility, honesty, integrity, and high moral character in all his dealings. I want a leader who unites, not divides, a leader who works for all Americans, not just those who elected him. A leader who understands the constitution and how government is suppose to run.

The American government is not a business and the president is not the CEO. I would also point our that although Trump won the electoral vote, he did not win the popular vote by almost 3 million votes. He is a minority president, a fact he does not like to accept.

Considering that 42 percent of registered votes and maybe as many as 100 million eligible voters did not vote at all, it is hard to claim any great victory for Trumpism. I am with Megan McCain when she said, “America does not need to be made great again, it has been always great.”

Keith DeFant