Rep isn’t doing her job

To the Journal editor:

Why vote. Yes, why vote when our politicians can’t give us the time of day. About 10 years ago at a union meeting, a young man meets us at the door. He’s running for Congress. I tell him us sportsmen’s problem in Marquette County.

Oh yes, he says, I’ll look into it. He wins our majority of voters are OK were Democrats. I call each year for help. The answer from whoever answers the phone we’ll look into it. No answer. No meeting with him. Can’t ever return my calls.

Then this year we have a woman candidate. The same thing. She wins. I call her office. Same excuse. Nothing happens. Then I meet here at our union party. I explain the problem. She says I’ll look into it. The same words.

Yes, I once was a Democrat but no more. It’s obvious they don’t want to help the sportsmen of our county. Is it any wonder Trump won the election. He’s trying to keep our mines and steel mills running. The Democrats appear to be happy with giving our jobs to China, etc.

Please, Sara, let’s meet face to face and do your job as a representative.