Wright letter lauded

To the Journal editor:

The Aug. 9 edition of The Mining Journal featured a letter to the editor written by Jesse Wright. Such an articulate missive as this is worthy of a world-class newspaper much less a small town daily like ours in Marquette.

The thoughtful analysis presented by Mr. Wright bespeaks a clear understanding of this country’s present political/governmental pathology and should strike a resoundingly shrill chime in all those who read it and care about our fragile democracy.

Mr. Wright eloquently makes the case for shaming the many Republicans — and I might add Democrats too — in Congress and the administration who have cravenly chosen, by their silence, soft-peddling and simple cockamaime reckoning. not to question and confront Mr. Trump as he leads us and our country off the proverbial cliff.

Evidently their misplaced allegiances are sacred enough to them as to risk exposing themselves to the critical thinkers like Mr. Wright among us, and stand naked with the infamous political prostitutes of history, the most influential of whom have probably and in some instances obviously, changed the course of history for the worse!

Kudos and many thanks to Mr. Wright but eternal shame, shame, shame on all those so-called “representatives” and “public servants” in Washington who have made the condemnable choice to accommodate the corruption, mendacity, fear-mongering and ultimately destructive policies of Donald Trump!

Bill Waters