Supports proposal

To the Journal editor:

The Michigan Supreme Court case Citizens for Protecting Michigan’s Constitution vs. Secretary of State was decided July 31.

At issue was whether a ballot question to amend the state constitution making a commission to draw district lines was too overreaching to be an “amendment.”

Not being a lawyer, I will not discuss the legal points at issue, but the matter of interest here is the VNP ballot proposal, which is cleared for the November election.

Gerrymandering — the practice of drawing absurd district lines for partisan advantage, or to protect incumbents, is a problem going back to the formative years of the nation.

The VNP proposal is not a perfect fix — the misrepresentation that makes gerrymandering possible is the mathematical reality of “winner take all” elections. Nonetheless by taking redistricting out of the hands of the legislature, it is as good a fix as one preserving such elections could be.

I will be voting for the VNP proposal in November, and would urge Michiganders everywhere to do the same.

Christopher West