Politics isn’t helping anything

To the Journal editor:

We have just had the most upsetting time. It makes me wish for Michigan to become a blue state again.

Thanks to term limits, we are losing Gov. Rick Snyder. He will be remembered for many years, for putting Flint, Michigan, on the world map. And now, he is harboring some of those misplaced children created by Donald Trump!

We have never had a Democratic governor poison a whole city. Our beautiful interstate highways and their rest areas are because of a Democratic governor.

I hope everyone has gotten the message — how important it is to vote — and yes, in site of people telling us our votes don’t count, they do!

These people don’t want us to vote, because they are used to buying their politicians. If we don’t vote, it makes them cheaper to buy. Especially if they have a good rating with the NRA.

We need to get rid of our politicians who are just lobbyists and don’t know the difference between salt water and fresh water lakes. Maybe a Democratic representative would work to restore our Social Security that was taken away from us by the Republican Congress.

We have a clear choice in this election of voting for Russia or America.

See you at the polls!