Letters to the editor

Give Trump a chance

To the Journal editor:

The letter of Aug. 22 criticizes those congress members who fail to confront President Trump. Hasn’t he been facing incessant resistance from the political left, not only now but from day one.

When does he get any Democrat vote in Congress?

If there is anyone who represents democracy it is Donald Trump. His election is clear evidence that democracy remains alive and well in our country. His electoral victory sends a clear message that the Beltway, the media, the Congress, nor the Democrats and their social agendas have ownership of the presidency.

The ranchers, farmers, laborers, merchants, soldiers etc., are the “articulate” ones, the “critical thinkers” and as President Trump said “the real elite” that sent him to the White House.

If anyone makes our democracy “fragile” it certainly isn’t President Trump. Those on the political left that choose to shout down any conservative voice; who accept no argument or criticism; who think controlled borders is un-American; who refuse to accept election defeats; who prefer government over self-reliance; who lack the discipline to truly examine their perceptions; these are the ones who really threaten our fragile democracy.

It takes real leadership to redirect our country back to pragmatism.

Thank God we now have a leader who can do it. With our economic growth, new foreign policy backbone, with tax cuts that enable us to do more for ourselves; please tell me where “proverbial” is.

Because, if President Trump is leading us off that cliff, I would like to save some time and run and jump now.

Gary Ruhinen