Golf outing a success

To the Journal editor:

I’d like to thank the Marquette individuals and businesses that supported the Michigan Corrections Organization Crisis Fund Upper Peninsula Golf Outing July 20.

They are Mark and Kelly Rankin, Larry Henley, Modeltown Express, Smarty’s Saloon, G.E. Builders and Select Reality.

The MCO Crisis Fund helps corrections officers who are facing a catastrophe, such as a serious assault by an inmate, home fire, severe illness or other disaster.

Corrections officers have Michigan’s toughest job. We are professionals who work in dangerous environments, where anything could happen at a moment’s notice.

Corrections officers are part of law enforcement, but because we work behind prison walls, we receive little public recognition or thanks.

However, these local businesses stepped up to support our Crisis Fund, and for that, I thank them. I sincerely appreciate your support and commitment to improving the lives of Michigan corrections officers.

Learn more about MCO and corrections officers at


Tim Fleury, organizer

MCO Crisis Fund U.P. Golf Outing