Cannot split ticket in primary election

To the Journal editor:

Do you have an Absent Voter’s Ballot? Did it come with a an insert titled “Voting Instructions — General Election”?

Down in the body of the instructions under the heading of “Partisan Section,” you read “To vote the partisan section of the ballot, you may cast a ‘mixed ticket.’ Mixed Ticket: Vote for the individual candidates of your choice in each office.”

When I read this I assumed it pertained to the ballot it was included with, but it doesn’t! Upon more careful reading, it was pointed out to me that these instructions were for voting in a General Election.

This is a Primary Election and in a Primary Election, according to what I read on the Michigan Secretary of States website, you cannot cast a mixed ticket (split ticket) ballot in a Primary Election.

If you, like I have already filled out your Absent Voter Ballot and done it incorrectly, you can request a new ballot from your township or city clerk.