Geek Squad heroes

To the Journal editor:

While vacationing this past month, some pseudo computer expert said I should change my password and my Apple I.D. Ready for this? Yours truly listened to this yum yum.

So when I get home, seems like everything was screwed up. The more I dabbled, the closer I came to jumping on my computer.

I immediately made an appointment with the Geek Squad and brought my Lap top and i-Pad into the shop. They are like family after all of my screwups over the past 5 years.

Friday Eric, God Bless him, toiled what seemed to be forever. He was stumped. This is unlike him as he is very proficient in his job as are all the team. After reading Apple support, it said in some cases, it may take 24 hours to clear up. No luck.

Today I was back at Best Buy. I had three of them scratching their heads. Eric got a hold of Apple Support on the phone and after 15 minutes, problem solved. None of the team had ever seen this problem before.

I would like to thank their persistence for all their help and patience today. In 5 years, they’ve solved every problem I’ve had. Thanks guys.

Sonny Guizzetti



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