Care, caution always good ideas

To the Journal editor:

On Jan. 19, I realized another year had passed. As I have gotten older I don’t have big birthday parties. I believe many more or less remember being younger and having to look forward for you birthday. Anyway as I have aged I sat and wrote some ideas that I thought I would share to maybe help as we get older and not do something that would not be wise to do.

I’ve heard many stories of people making mistakes in regards to doing the wrong thing. I knew I did and I started to listen and learn. It helps me a lot. At 78 years old I am not doing too bad. So here are some of my thoughts I wrote down.

Accept that you are getting older and to make changes. Don’t try to do things you did 5-10 years ago. Stay away from ladders or using power tools, chainsaws etc. Also be careful using stairs.

Take care of your body in regards to what you eat and drink. Try to keep your physical condition good by exercising and moving around etc. and not sitting a lot.

Keep a good check on your vision by seeing an eye doctor when needed. While driving pay attention to road conditions and be watchful of other drives. Get a flu shot during the flu season. It’s advised more so after age 65.

Keep your mental condition active by reading, playing cards, crossword puzzles or other exercises that help keep your brain active. When cooking be sure not to be doing other things. Pay attention and stay in the kitchen.

Live in the world of reality and not fantasy and always be grateful for what you have. Always remember to be thankful for support from family and friends.

On a personal level for me the most important is a good spiritual life, believing in God, spending time in prayer and mediation. Also reading the Bible, God’s word in print. For me that’s the best approach that after this life is a better one with the Lord in heaven where aging is not an issue.

William P. Maki