Letters to the Editor

Paper, writer cited for coverage

To the Journal editor:

My co-organizer partner, Catherine Benda, and I want to express our appreciation to The Mining Journal for its support of creativity in our community — and for its coverage of The100DayProject.

We also want to acknowledge Mining Journal Staff Writer Christie Bleck for her outstanding reporting about this creativity excavation over the past five years.

Creativity spurs innovation, improves problem solving, and puts the imagination to work. As we reconnect with our creative fire, we see the world in new ways and imagine fresh possibilities that benefit our lives and our community.

People who have done 100DayProjects frequently tell us stories about how the quality of their lives has improved as a result of reconnecting with their creative natures.

Creativity is a skill that can be nurtured. It’s not just for artists, it’s for everyone.

Thank you!

Ann Russ, co-organizer