Letters to the editor

Skewed logic?

To the Journal editor:

Recently, as citizens of this great nation, we have been given a Christmas gift by the federal government in the form of a tax cut. The Senate and the Congress agreeing on this tax cut is magical all by itself.

I am very pleased that this tax cut was passed. I can use the principles on which it is based to enhance my own personal finances.

I am happy that a method has been devised and perfected enabling me to decrease my personal financial wealth, increase my personal debt and purchasing power all at the same time.

If I apply those principles for a long enough period of time, I will not even need real money any more. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?

If the federal government can reduce income, increase debt and prosper based on the reach of Harry Houdini, and the skills of David Copperfield so can I.

If you add a Rumplestiltskin effect to those principles, well it just doesn’t get any better. P.T. Barnum was wrong. I now know I can thrive on less money and more debt without fear of failure based on these sound principles.

I think I’ll get another credit card.

Thale Herman