Letters to the Editor

Comparisons to Christ are wrong

To the Journal editor:

A recent commentary via letter to the editor auspices likely meant well. However, the author seems to want to equate apples and oranges in making reference to Jesus Christ.

Sir, there is no comparison between Jesus Christ and any sitting office holder in the political realm! At the advent of “The Feeding of the Five Thousand,” Jesus was God Incarnate. Those 5,000 that were “fed” miraculously were ones who saw in His ministry relief from the oppressive and wanton Mosaic Law that was used by the Pharisaic leaders as their answer to the Roman political imposition!

No personage since has been imbued with the same powers! No person walking this Earth will ever have such powers!

The quality of mankind’s need for salvation from the sinfulness that was rampant then is of the same caliber as is rampant in it today!

Modern communicational facilities have compounded the problems inherent in that sinfulness, to the point of making modern religious expression so intense that one regard is feeding upon the alleged vulnerability of another!

That the issue of aborting helpless fetuses as an accommodation of social convenience is about as accurate an example of the sorry quality of religious regard that has been at the beck and call of the very “personage” Christ came to relieve mankind of, is certainly openly manifest!

Whatever else he is or has been, President Trump is right on the mark as to issues that can be resolved, leading to other “forces” to right the social ills outside of the political aspects of living and regarding “apples” for what they are an “oranges” for what they are, and ne’er the twains shall share the same tree!

Martin Hendrickson