Letters to the editor

Trump up to task

To the Journal editor:

I find the “Mercy badly needed” letter as just condescending tripe against President Trump and the conservative thinkers who support his views.

There are plenty of us.

The moral issue of abortion is one that must be settled between the individual and God. I’ll take a wild guess and say that God doesn’t like it much and that he doesn’t call it “healthcare.” Forgive me for noticing that all abortion advocates have been born already and for not noticing any “mercy” for the aborted child.

The author’s emphasis on compassion, forgiveness and restraint from judgment certainly doesn’t apply to President Trump who is clearly irreligious and a groper.

Now, I can’t see inside our president’s soul, but the church can’t be a strange place for him. Anyone who raises well-behaved children such as his has at the least sent somebody to Sunday school. Who knows if he groped anyone? The so-called victims have shown no evidence in a year. If it’s true then I’ll forgive him.

He’s in his seventies now, he is doing a good job as president and after all, isn’t compassion the theme of the author’s letter? Didn’t the liberals fall all over themselves forgiving President Clinton who went somewhat beyond that?

My experience rejects the notion that mercy for the downtrodden will not come from our president or the Republicans.

In the view of many, his success in pursuing jobs for Americans, in securing our border, in rebuilding our military, in fighting addiction, in reducing red tape, in his support of small business, in his hurricane recovery efforts, in his negotiating skills and the work ethic he brings, I am confident that opportunities and jobs rather than handouts will emerge for millions of those downtrodden.

He certainly is not a divisive president. Not like the last one. I like him, tweets and all.

Gary Ruhinen


Supporting president

To the Journal editor:

This response is to Gordon Peterson. Gordon you had eight years to put through your agenda for the country. It was rejected.

Give our new president a chance to make America great again. Yours couldn’t.

Stephen Olsen



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