Nurses deserve community’s support

To the Journal editor:

I have been following the plight of the UPHS-Marquette nurses as they struggle to be treated fairly and equitably.

Recently, a member of the nurses bargaining team was quoted as saying, “We’ve done everything in our power to talk this through.” Our country has changed. Companies are not the same as those that our parents and grandparents worked for.

Today’s CEOs, COOs and other corporate executives are awarded executive compensation in the form of stock awards that represent millions of dollars. (The exact amounts of these awards are readily available online as reported in company statements.)

These stock awards are in addition to their already lofty compensations. To further increase their generous compensations, it is in their best interests to have the stock price rise. For that to happen, company profits must increase.

All too often that means implementing cost reductions. In that process, employees and unions are frequently devalued and seen as less than necessary. Those at the top benefit at the expense of those at the bottom.

When that happens, we lose part of the fabric of our souls. I support the nurse’s union in their struggle for a fair contract and pray that you will do so also.

Anyone who has ever been hospitalized at UPHS-Marquette knows both the dedication and tireless efforts that the nurses’ provide to ensure quality health care for all of us.

In the Upper Peninsula, we are family.

Allan Koski

Negaunee Township


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