Van Damme drivers lauded for safety

To the Journal editor:

Since the inception of the Eagle Mine, there has been controversy over the safety of the route from the Triple A to the Humboldt mill site. Presently they run from the mine down Marquette County Road 550 and pick up U.S. 41.

Four years ago at our coffee klatch, we discussed the pros and cons of this much needed mine because of the importance of nickel.

Two of the dissenters were retirees of Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. which, ironically, mines iron. Why would you object their chance at employment and raising a family?

My stand was in favor for two reasons: employment and the importance of this mineral.

I ride a pedal bike and a small motorcycle from Negaunee to Big Bay at least once a week (summer of course) and I encounter these trucks traveling in both directions. While riding, I always wear blaze orange for safety.

Because of my pro stance on this issue, I’ve got into the habit of waving to these drivers. Most return the pleasantries but I’m sure with the turnover some must wonder what’s this all about.

Van Damme has the contract with the mine and I must unequivocally brag up these drivers. When they pass me heading north, they always give me a safety zone. Secondly, I’ve yet to hear of any complaints of their driving habits and the trucks are well maintained.

Remember, these men run seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Great job, men.

Sonny Guizzetti